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Inspired by Faith

Al-Maa’uun is housed in Masjid An-Nur, a multi-ethnic Islamic community serving the Twin Cities area.

Masjid-An-Nur is devoted to:

The Worship of
One G’d

Developing Future Leaders

Multicultural Relationships

Islamic Education

Expanding Our Interfaith

Transcending Misinformation and Stereotypes

Our Mission is to Lead by Example

We represent a new chapter in the history of Minnesota faith communities united to meet the needs of our neighbors in North Minneapolis.

We partner with

Neighboring Organizations

Faith Communities


Our Community is Our Legacy

Al-Maa’uun honors the dignity of each individual we serve. We work as catalysts for individuals and families by providing opportunities to improve their lives and the community as a whole. We have a deep respect for the nuance of our neighbors’ needs which lies at the heart of Al-Maa’uun’s collaborative programming—and we are just getting started.

Meet the Team

Imam Makram El-Amin

Executive Director
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Staff Members

Menekeh Giddings

Employment Specialist
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Bilal Muhammad

Director of Operations
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Erycka Thesing

Executive Administrator
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Keisla Cheeks-Jordan

Head Cook
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Tyrus Hayes

Director of Quality Assurance
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Marsha’ Howze-El

Offender Workforce Development Specialist
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Board Members

Arlene El-Amin

Advancement & Operations Director
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Kasim Abdurrazzaq

Board Secretary
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Huda Yusuf

Board Member at Large
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Ayah Helmy

Board Member at Large
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Mahdee Abdullah

Board Chair
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Ibrahim Diop

Treasury of the Board
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Led by Our

Faithful Trustees