through Companionship

The rates of community violence in the Near North neighborhoods continue to rise.

That is why we are prioritizing connecting young people with positive relationships in the community.

Our Sahabah Mentoring Program

The term “sahabah” means companion which we believe accurately represents our mission to intentionally engage with young people in our community.


Our mission is to embolden, empower, and excite young people through mentoring and various activities. Along with facilitating the process that will shape young people into productive, responsible, and successful community member.

We strive to nurture growth: academically, socially and spritually through mentorship.

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Our Approach

What does Al maa'uun do to address the needs of the youth?

We work to promote development of the mentee as an individual and member of their community. This is achieved by introducing settings where the mentee can form bonds with their peers. We take care to highlight role models from our culture, faith and historical traditions and create experiences for our mentees that will have lasting positive effects.

How do you fund and supply your Sahabah Mentoring Program?

To launch our Sahabah Mentoring Program we were provided a generous grant from Minneapolis Public Safety Transformation Fund. As a non-profit we are fully funded by the generous donations of those who give. That is why we ask that you consider supporting our mission. We also rely on community partnerships to help further our cause.

How is Al-Maa’uun's Sahabah Mentoring Program different from other programs?

Our program invites adults from our community to become friends, supporters, information resources and guides to young people who self-select or are referred through our network to join the Sahabah Mentoring Program. The mentor/mentee relationship will be intentionally matched by the needs and/or preference of the mentee at the start of the mentoring relationship. At Al-Maa'uun we don't fixate on our differences. We work to unify the community in service. Our deep respect for the nuance of neighbors' needs and aspirations lies at the heart of Al-Maa'uun's collaborative programming.

By Creating, Providing and Maintaining The Four E’s.

  1. Empowering
  2. Encouraging
  3. Engaging
  4. Equipping

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