Shouldn’t be a Luxury

Four-in-ten of North Minneapolis’ employed people make between $15,000 and $40,000 each year.

This along with other barriers can make having and keeping housing a challenge. Secure, dependable housing is essential to the stability of families and individuals across our community.

Our Housing Programs

We work with real estate and design professionals to develop Northside properties that are affordable, accessible and safe.


We provide “second chance” housing for community residents who have had housing issues such as homelessness, incarceration, etc. This is housing that comes with support (case management services). Designed to give residents stable housing, a lease in their name and a rental history. We have single room occupancy: 1 bedroom and 2 bedrooms, as well as, single family homes.

Emergency Rental
& Utilities
For individuals who already have housing but due to extenuating circumstances need assistance paying rent or utilities.

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Our Approach

What does Al-Maa’uun do to address housing issues?

We provide a gateway for individuals to gain a rental history by getting them in stable housing. We also help those currently renting with emergency assistance with rent and utilities.

How do you fund and supply your programs?

As a non-profit we are fully funded by the generous donations of those who give. That is why we ask that you consider supporting our mission. We also rely on community partnerships to help further our cause. We are seeking partnerships to continue in this work.

How is Al-Maa’uun’s Housing program different from other programs?

We provide second-chance housing. Our focus is to help individuals and families who have traditionally had barriers by offering various levels of support. At Al-Maa’uun we don’t fixate on our differences. We work to unify the community in service. Our deep respect for the nuance of neighbors’ needs and aspirations lies at the heart of Al-Maa’uun’s collaborative programming.

We build on that foundation with services like food support and connections to stable jobs. Will you help us?

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