No One Should Go


We provide healthy food programs to fuel a happy life.

According to
the Minnesota
Department of Health...

People in Minnesota experience “disparities in health outcomes because the opportunity to be healthy is not equally available everywhere or for everyone in the state.”

Our Food Programs

We are grateful to serve our neighbors’ for the past 30 years. We are committed to continuing to address the disparities by providing opportunities to all.

Summer Food Feeding and School Lunch Program 

(Seasonal: Summer-Only)

Youth ages 18 and under can receive prepared meals (breakfast and lunch) daily delivered to their home and/or summer program (day care, summer camp, YMCA, etc.).

Meals on Wheels

We are proud members of the Meals on Wheels Network providing Halal* meals to seniors age 60 and older in N. Minneapolis. We also serve those with diagnosed disabilities under the age of 60. Find out more at Meals on Wheels.

*Halal meals contain food that is permitted to be eaten by those following Islamic teachings.

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Our Approach

What does Al-Maa’uun do to address the hunger crisis?

We offer a variety of food support services that are culturally specific to our locale. This helps ensure we are meeting the needs of those who need help. We periodically take inventory of where the need is in the community and we tailor our food programs to address those needs.

How do you fund and supply your programs?

As a non-profit we are fully funded by the generous donations of those who give. That is why we ask that you consider supporting our mission. We also rely on community partnerships to help further our cause. We are seeking partnerships to continue in this work.

How is what Al-Maa’uun offers different from other programs?

We don’t fixate on our differences. We work to unify the community in service. Our deep respect for the nuance of neighbors’ needs and aspirations lies at the heart of Al-Maa’uun’s collaborative programming.

Your generosity will allow us to provide more meals to keep families and individuals feeling their best.

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